The Big Interview

I was really pleased when  a class in  the Convent of Mercy National School got in touch with my publishers  to ask if I would agree to do a  big interview with their class as they  had all read my books and  had  a  mountain  of questions to ask me. Teacher Rachael Leinster helped to set it all up and I was absolutely delighted to take part in such a brilliantly organised interview.

lorts of question

There were all types of question for me about the books and my writing. A few of the girls had written diary entries from the point of view as a character during the famine and read them to me , believe me there is a lot of writing talent  in that that class.  I really enjoyed chatting to everyone and answering all their questions.  Well done to all the girls in the Mercy National School in Belturbet!school in belturbet cavan