The Magdalen


Bound to a life of hardship and misery . . .the women of the infamous Magdalen laundry.

Unmarried and pregnant, Esther Doyle is rejected by her family and is sent to join the fallen women of the Holy Saints Convent in Dublin.

At the mercy of the nuns and forced into silence, Esther spends her days alongside other ‘Maggies’ despairingly forced to work in the clammy, sweatshop conditions of the Magdalen laundry. It is a bleak existence, but Esther has little choice. Yet despite the harsh reality of her life, Esther finds comfort in this isolated and shunned community of women.

Imprisoned in her fate and plagued with an uncertain future, it will take every ounce of courage for Esther to imagine a new life for her and her child beyond the grey walls of the Holy Saints Convent.