Marita Conlon-McKenna

Marita Conlon-McKenna is an award winning Irish writer of both adult and children’s fiction whose books are enjoyed by readers all across the world.

Marita latest children’s book Fairy Hill is filled with mystery, magic and adventure and is about 13 year old Anna, who gets sent to stay with her dad and his new family in Ireland while her mum goes away on honeymoon to South America. Upset and missing London, Anna soon falls under the spell of ‘Fairy Hill’ with its fields, lake and beach. As she begins to uncover the secrets of the old house Anna hears whispers in the wind and she senses that she is being watched. Daniel, the mysterious boy, she meets down by the lake warns her that Jack, her little half-brother is in danger.

When Jack goes missing, Anna realizes that he has been stolen and sets out to rescue him from a dangerous and powerful foe.


Passionate about history Marita’s children’s books include, Under the Hawthorn Tree which is set during the Great Irish Famine and has become a children’s classic and a Winner of ‘The International Reading Association Award’ (U.S.A.) The story of three children and their desperate fight to survive during Ireland’s Great Hunger is part of the acclaimed ‘Children of the Famine’ trilogy with Wildflower Girl and Fields of Home continuing on this much-loved series. Other children’s books include The Blue Horse, In Deep Dark Wood and Safe Harbour.

Her best-selling Adult fiction includes The Hungry Road, Rebel Sisters, The Magdalen, The Stone House, The Rose Garden, and Three Women.

Marita’s work has been adapted for stage and T.V. Marita enjoys visiting schools, colleges, events, and festivals both in Ireland and overseas. She is a former Chair- Person of Irish Pen. She lives in Dublin with her husband James and has four adult children.