Love, Lucie

love, Lucie B formatLucie is the middle child in a family that has been devastated by the death of her mother. Struggling to cope without Mum to guide them, Lucie, her brother Hugo, big sister Chloe and Dad are dealing with the emotional fallout of losing someone so close, as well as the practical realities of death.

As she tries to cope with her grief, Lucie starts to write letters to her mum and as she writes begins to feel that maybe, just maybe, her mum is still around watching over all of them.

Author’s note on Love Lucie
Love Lucie is a very special book as it is about bereavement and loss and the ability of the human spirit to overcome the grief of losing someone you love.
The book was inspired by Marita’s own constant letter writing and doodles and the death of a best-friend. Is it a ghost story…who can say but a ghost certainly comes into it as Lucie writes to her mum, sharing her thoughts and feelings as she tries to cope with day to day life in a sort of crazy family…

The lined pages and wonderful doodles balance its credibility and lend authenticity.
Lucie’s ghostly imaginings, Chloe’s food issues, French grandparents, recipes, school, friends and boyfriends all add further depth to an already rich family story.
Young readers, especially girls, will respond to Lucie’s situation and sadness with sympathy. They will also love this window into another family and its everyday mechanics: cooking meals, door slamming, music lessons, visiting the dentist – albeit without Mum being around.
This is more than a typical grief book or a ‘tear-jerker’, it’s a warm and perceptive book about family life.
Paddy O’Doherty, Irish Independent