Wildflower Girl

WildflowerGirl The second book in the Children of the Famine trilogy

At seven, Peggy made a terrifying journey through famine-stricken Ireland.

Now thirteen, and determined to make a new life for herself, she sets off alone across the Atlantic to America.

Will she ever see her family again?

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  • The Bisto Book of the Year Ireland (Best Historical Novel Category) 1992
  • Runner up in the Kalbach Klapperschlange Litteraturpreis von Kindern Frankfort Germany 1994 (The Children’s Choice book prize in Frankfort Book Fair)


‘As gripping a story as the original, embracing not just a sense of place –Ireland- but a sense of time and history. Conlon-McKenna has crafted this book….not a word, spoken or unspoken or an emotion is wasted. Pace and style keep the pages turning, and you are filled with a sense of wanting more at the end. Highly recommended’
Books Ireland

‘The same good strong writing as is evidenced in Under the Hawthorn Tree’
The Sunday Tribune

‘Readers will feel the enormity of Peggy’s decision and the pain of leaving loved ones behind….High-quality historical fiction.’
School Library Journal

‘This story will make fine reading: the wrenching leave taking: the excitement and misery of the long cramped stormy journey in steerage: the struggle for work as a skivvy and then as a kitchen maid in a grand house; the aching homesickness. Peggy’s a survivor.’

Here are some earlier covers of Wildflower Girl along with some editions from outside of Ireland.


German cover

WildflowerGirl-second Irish cover

Second Irish cover

WildflowerGirl-third Irish cover

Third Irish cover


American cover