The International Book Club

Great to hear about ‘The International Book Club’ who are busy reading my book Wildflower Girl on both sides of the Atlantic. ‘The International Book Club’ was set up by Patrica Nolan in Ferrybank Library in Kilkenny and involves pupils from Our Lady of Good Counsel in Kilkenny, Ireland and TYWLS (The Young Women’s Leadership School), The Bronx, New York. The students Skype and blog about the book they are both reading and it is certainly a great way to talk about books and literature! So I am very pleased that they have chosen my book!

In Wildflower Girl Peggy O’Driscoll makes that awful journey across the Atlantic Ocean from Ireland to America in the steerage hold of a ship packed with people trying to escape poverty and devastation after The Great Irish Famine. Arriving in America, Peggy soon discovers how tough life in a new country can be as she struggles to survive and works as a maid. It is the story of so many people and the courage and spirit needed by all those who put foot on American soil for that first time and decided to work and build a new life there and become Americans.
I really enjoyed writing and researching the book and hope everyone will also enjoy reading it!